Scales Of War

Through the woods and to Castle Rivenroar we go!

Prior to heading to Castle Rivenroar, the PCs decided to spend one more night in Brindol due to bad weather. The next morning Peleois was in a particular mood and decided to scale the outside of a building and heave used leather armor at the guards who arrived to talk him down. Once subdued, Peleois was taken in by clerics who evaluated his mind for sickness. The remaining members of the party were taken into custody. Smooth talking and delicate diplomacy by the party (plus the hesitate endorsement of Councilman Troyas) allowed the PCs to leave custody with a lingering sense of distrust by the Council and townsfolk.

The party eventually put their feet to path and began the 1.5 day journey to Castle Rivenroar to locate and rescue any captives taken from Brindol during the recent raid by Sinruth’s war bands. When the group reached the site of Castle Rivenroar, they found the keep in extreme disrepair and completely collapsed. All that remained was a few stacks of stone that were once walls and mounds of debris. A quick investigation of the site revealed a worn footpath that led to a set of stone stairs that descend into the earth…The Rivenroar Catacombs! The PCs took a few moments to prep themselves before descending into the darkness.

The first ‘encounter’ including a set of braziers attached to a mechanical device that released spouts of flame from the elemental plane of fire. The characters were left scorched and crispy by the time they disabled the mechanical trap. This antechamber led to three vaults: The Rivenroar family, the Von Urstadt family, and the Von Jallach family. It was decided to investigate the Rivenroar crypt first.

The entrance to the crypt was accessed via a long flight of stairs that descended to the crypt proper. At the base of the staircase, a large room opened before the group to reveal discarded architectural building supplies in various mounds about the room. The predominant feature of this room however was the myriad of mushrooms growing in the earthen floor. The room was illuminated by a phosphorescent fungi the covers the walls and ceiling. Being cautious, Rosewyn tossed a few pieces of stone into the room and learned the mushrooms had various defensive properties. The gray mushrooms when disturbed released a cloud of spores. The white mushrooms shriek when disturbed. Regrettably, two of the stones Rosewyn threw into the room disturbed patches of white mushrooms causing two consecutive loud shrieks that in turn awoke the two rage drakes that were slumbering behind mounds of debris! As the creatures roared, a feeble cry for help could be heard in the room behind the drakes.

Rage Drake

Carefully stepping into the room, Meavoi engaged the first drake to step forward by slashing the foul beast with his greataxe. Asher called upon his druidic abilities to help knock the advancing creatures back, even attempting to knock one of them prone. As the creatures slashed and bite the marauders the battle quickly turned one-sided as the strikes from the party caused mortal wounds to the drakes. With the killing blow delivered again by Meavoi, Peleois and the others decided to extract several of the drakes teeth as trophies for their victory.

Once the teeth were cleaned and stored, the group carefully made their way through the mushrooms to investigate the second room where a faint cry for help was heard. Upon entering the room, they discovered they had found their first of the kidnapped townfolk: Zerriksa!


The elderly woman (rumored to be a witch) was being held captive in an invisible magic circle that kept her from fleeing. The cantankerous old woman was eager to leave and once the group of adventurers learned how to take advantage of a weakness in the arcane prison, Zerriksa was freed from the trap. Peleios learned very quickly that Zerriksa did not think very highly of the tiefling and was not appreciative of her rescuers. Leading Zerriksa back to the entrance of the catacombs, the party decided to continue investigating the catacombs for captives before making the trip back to Brindol. Zerriska, however, was having none of this. She was adamant that she wanted to return home, immediately and not spend another moment in this accursed place. Frug and Vondal agreed to escort the elderly woman back to Brindol and left immediately for their trip to Brindol.

The adventurers next crept into the Von Jallach crypt. This room featured glowing runes on the floor that spelled out ‘Von Jallach’. The walls of the room were lined with alcoves used to store the bodies of Von Jallach family members. As Meavoi stepped into the room, two swarms of needletooth drakes poured out from the alcoves and attacked the barbarian.

Needletooth Swarm

At a tactical disadvantage because they dared not enter further into the room due to the magical rune trap that dominated the floor, the party combated the drakes on the staircase that the group into this room. The diminutive drakes turned out to be a far deadlier foe than their larger cousins (rage drakes) and Meavoi was quickly overcome and fell to the incessant bites. Asher, realizing the tactical blunder made by the party, charged into the room, setting of several of the runic arcane traps. As the swarm of drakes continued to assault the party on the staircase, Frug reached down and hacked off a finger from the barbarian’s body before screaming for a retreat. As his companions began retreating from the staircase that led into this crypt, Asher was left alone in the room, to battle a hidden foe that had just temporarily revealed itself by firing a bolt into the druid!

And so the session ended…Vondal and Frug escorting Zerriska back to Brindol, Meavoi dead, and the party retreating, leaving Asher behind to fend for himself…..



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