Scales Of War

...And the adventure begins!


The campaign starts as the party of ragtag adventures are traveling to the metropolis of Waterdeep in search of fame and fortune. Waterdeep, however, is many leagues journey and the party finds they are in desperate need of supplies. Our heroes decide to sojourn in the town of Brindol, a mere day’s travel to the south. Surely a town as large of Brindol will have the necessary provisions needed and provide our road-weary heroes a much needed rest?

Entering Bristol from the West Gate, the party quickly finds the Antler & Thistle Tavern and settles in for a few pints of ale and mutton stew. Their presence is not lost on the locals in the tavern, especially the barkeep and owner, a stout human who goes by the name of Rhingalt. Obvious to everyone is the fact that Rhingalt is uncomfortable having the party in his tavern, and despite his ever watchful eye, the heroes are served their aie and stew. No sooner does Vondal order a second round of ale for the party, when the front door of the tavern is shattered to pieces as two hobgoblins armed with longswords charge into the building! Battle ensues between the hobbies and heroes as the locals in the tavern attempt to flee by throwing themselves through the windows. This tactic, however, is quickly thwarted by additional hobgoblins outside who begin pulling the occupants through the windows and running them through with their swords and spears. And to make matters worse, shifty little goblins who have obviously allied with their cousins the hobgoblins, begin heaving makeshift incendiaries into the tavern which explode and spread fire across the floor and walls.

Hobgoblin Goblin
Meavoi, Vondal and Asher manage to trap the marauding hobbies in the doorway of the tavern and quickly dispatch them as Peleios, Rosewyn and Frug use their range attack abilities to hold off the hobbies and goblins crashing in through the windows. The threat from the devious monsters has been quelled, however, the Antler & Thistle is lost as the bucket brigade can not keep up with the growing flames that engulf the tavern. As the building burns to the ground, Rhingalt and the party are interviewed by town guards that have arrived (too late) to the scene. Finishing their questioning the town guards attention is pulled away from the remains of the tavern as townsfolk come from around the corner of the of the street and run past the burning Antler & Thistle screaming “It’s going to burn the town down! Save us!!!”

What now???



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